whatever plops into your mind.
[ToDo] 2011/12/## by silent.
- understand how it is i think.
- help others to understand.

[Doubt] 2012/10/## by silent.
Nobody will like it, because they won't understand what i am trying to do, again.

[Wonder] 2011/09/## by silent.
What would happen if i wrote down those fleeting moments of everyday inspiration, instead of simply forgetting?

[Dream] 2012/08/## by silent.
a place to discuss, freely.

[Amuse] 2012/07/## by silent.
"Whilst meandering about the beach, a SpEd director, a Sufi mystic, and a schizophrenic discover a tarnished old lamp in the receding tide..."

[Advise] 2012/06/## by silent.
Guys: you will only ever help to endear yourself to any woman if every time she comes to visit, your bathroom is spot-less.

[Zing] 2012/05/## by silent.
It was like firing BBs at a battleship, nothing impressive came of it.

[Revelate] 2012/04/## by silent.
Never has respect been given by telling of all that i have been handed, it has been earned by telling of all that i have fought for.

[Fortune] 2012/03/## by silent.
If to garner attention a nudie pic is sent,
embareassment is certain to follow.

[Forgot] 2012/02/## by silent.
My ex-wedding anniversary.

[Dream] 2011/12/## by silent.
a way to help people.

[Fortune] 2011/11/## by silent.
Devote less time to making money and more time to making happy.

[Fortune] 2011/10/## by silent.
Ever be whomever you are, despite whatever another may say.

[Advise] 2014/03/## by silent.
To my child: It is ok to 'make fun' if all involved agree it 'is fun,' otherwise, it is 'picking on,' which, too, can 'be fun,' until it goes 'too far.'

[Wonder] 2014/12/## by silent.
Wishing you (and yours) nothing but the best for the foreseeable future. I'm looking to simplify my contacts for the upcoming year.. figure out who's where, when. Respectfully, should I assign you to the category of 'nostalgia friend'? Otherwise, we should hang, it's been too long. Be well.

...to all those that didn't respond [which was most]:
'ignore' may well be accepted practice within the fbook.. elsewhere, it remains inconsiderate.

[Amuse] 2015/10/## by silent.
"Jesus, Muhammad and Joseph Smith mistakenly walk into a gay bar..."